Quality Assurance and Control

Quality assurance is the principal concern of Specialized Industrial Maintenance Arabia for contracting (SIM ARABIA) Every project is being monitored at all time to ensure that the highest quality standards are being met in every aspect of the project. SIM ARABIA acknowledges that only when a sound quality is implemented with scheduled time and budget cost, client’s satisfaction in assured.

SIM ARABIA is fully committed to a policy of implementing through quality control procedures and continuously evaluates the quality of workmanship and materials in all projects.

SIM ARABIA considers the attainment of QA/QC standards a Pre-Requisite to correct trading procedures, good client relationship and repeat order business. It also believes that such provides the best operation performance to that end if empowers the QA/QC Section to define the procedure, testing, inspecting non-compliance and approved status certification which are to be mandatory on other company department.

Our QA/QC personnel allocated to the various contracts from the department draw up the QA/QC plans for each which is designed to cover that entire phase of supply of ties services to clients extending.

The quality control plans are regulated complied in the record file for the job which is produce at handover to clients.