Industrial Material Supply

SIM Arabia managed to fulfill its commitments to execute all client contracts all times under potential circumstances of Saudi Market. We are the suppliers of all varieties of industrial materials as per the client’s requirement. Whether our client need us to deliver an urgent job or material just in time or fulfill a planned replenishment program, we have got just the right service to meet your needs and destination. We are committed to continual improvement in our supplying service and ofter take our client feed back for self assessment.

Below are the list of Industrial material we supply:

  • Fuel Injection Pumps

  • Radiators / Air Coolers

  • Hydraulic Systems

  • Electrical Material

  • Fabrication Material


SIM Arabia recognizes recognizes the fact that specialized knowledge is very beneficial and worth a value as it saves both money and time, SIM Arabia management has been in the forefront of rendering reliable and timely Operation & Maintenance activities, to the satisfaction of customers.

SIM Arabia delivers high-quality commercial cleaning and facility maintenance services to the clients in a wide variety of markets, including corporate/commercial buildings, plant services & manufacturing, education, retail, government, non-profit facilities, apartment complexes and public venues. SIM Arabia’s cost effective plan for operation and maintenance, ensure the upkeep existing infrastructure but prevents it from further deterioration.. .


We have a wide range of Heavy Equipments and Vehicles assist various activities required for Electro-mechanical & Civil projects. We distribute the following Items.

List Of Equipments

  • Crane

  • Blasting Machine

  • Bulldozer

  • Concrete Pump

  • Forklift

  • Grader.

  • Loader

  • Piling Hammer

  • Rock Breaker

  • Rock drill

  • Roller Compactor

  • Material Handler

  • Boom/ Dump Truck

  • Bus

  • Tanker

  • Tipper

  • Tractor

  • Trailer


Maintaining contact and extending our services to customers outside of our immediate area is one of our objectives at Industrial Contracting .We are primarily engaged in providing complete civil, mechanical, electrical and fabrication solutions across a wide range of construction projects

  • Civil Works

  • Electrical Works

  • Mechanical Works

  • Plant Shutdown and Maitenance

  • Piping

  • Fabrication


We are capable of mobilizing the required manpower and equipments at short notices and do have the required infrastructure to complete the projects on time.

  • Mechanical Engineers

  • Civil Engineers

  • Electrical Engineers

  • Instruments Engineers

  • Administrators

  • Cable Jointer

  • Carpenter

  • Cost Controller

  • Crane operator

  • Documents Controllers

  • Draftsman

  • Driver Heavy

  • Driver Light

  • Executive Secretaries

  • Forklift operator

  • Helpers

  • Industrial Electrician

  • Instrument Fitter

  • Instrument Technician

  • Insulator

  • Janitorial Services (Tea Boys)

  • Machinist

  • Man Lift Operator

  • Material Controllers / Buyers

  • Mechanical helper

  • Millwright

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